SiteGround 注册无法接收短信验证码问题的解决方法

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近期在注册和购买 SiteGround 时,如果收不到短信验证码完成账户验证,需要联系 SiteGround 在线客服帮我们跳过短信验证的过程,人工帮我们完成账户认证和审核。


SiteGround 收不到短信验证码

购买 SiteGround 主机在提交账户注册信息和信用卡信息之后,SiteGround 就会从我们的信用卡里面扣除掉主机费用。不过,在下一个页面,SiteGround 会要求我们继续完成手机号码的验证,而且电话验证失败的话,我们就无法登录刚刚注册的 SiteGround 账户。

“Thank you for your purchase! Let’s verify your order””

There is just one more step before we activate the ordered service. We need to verify some of the information you have provided during the order process. Please be aware that if you fail to complete the verification process, your hosting account will be suspended”

结果,在这一步验证过程中,无论我选择“短信发送验证码 Text Message” 还是“电话语音发送验证码 Phone Call”,无论是中国移动还是中国电信的电话号码都收不到验证码。

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选择 Text message 的时候没有任何错误提示,但是等了很久也收不到验证码。后来选择 Phone Call 验证的时候,系统给出了如下图所示的错误提示:“We couldn’t send the code to the provided phone number. Please try again or change the phone number”

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联系 SiteGround 客服解决问题

没有办法,只能联系 SiteGround 售前客服。如果是第一次注册 SiteGround 账户,可以在 页面最底部,找到 New Clients,然后点击 Start Chat,在弹出窗口中输入姓名,邮箱,以及购买 SiteGround 主机时遇到的问题。点击 “Continue” 继续,等待大约3-5秒的时间,就可以直接和 SiteGround 客服在线聊天沟通解决问题了。

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如果已经有 SiteGround 账户,可以登录账户,然后联系客服解决新账户注册遇到的问题。

以下是和客服的聊天记录,大体就是他们也确实收到一些中国客户反馈说收不到验证码的,如果遇到这种问题的话,目前的解决办法就是联系 SiteGround 的在线客服,让他们帮助我们跳过手机号码验证的步骤,而是采取人工审核的方法。人工审核过程中会问几个问题,例如:准备要做的这个网站用途是什么?域名是在哪里注册的?等等。

人工审核之后,还要进行信用卡验证,客服会提供给我们一个验证链接,打开链接操作之后,SiteGround 会从我们的信用卡中扣除“1-5”美金的费用,例如1.23美金,然后要我们在下一个验证页面输入刚刚扣除的金额,也就是“1.23”美金,以此完成信用卡的验证。验证结束之后,就完成了 SiteGround 主机的购买和账户的注册。

Conway: We couldn‘t send the code to the provided phone number. Please try again or change the phone number.

SiteGround: Hi Conway, Welcome to SiteGround Hosting services! It’s nice to meet you :-). Can you tell me your email address, please

: I am building an website for my client, the email is xxxxxx.

SiteGround: I wod love to help but being Sales I have very limited access, so let me transfer you to our support team which is the best channel to reach with such request and they would love to check it for you! Thanks for the patience

SiteGround: Hey Conway! I would love to further check on the order and advise on the next steps. There are some cases where some chinese numbers do not receive our codes, so let me go through the order now and I will advise on the next steps. I am checking on the order now, but may I ask for a bit more information on what you will do with the website? What will it be used for? What is the idea behind it?

Conway: I am building this website for my client, they are XXXXX factory. The site help the factory show their factory, and get more clients

SiteGround: Thank you so much for the provided details. And where is the domain registered with?

Conway: The domain registered by the factory 6 years ago, the domain agency company website is:

SiteGround: Thank you so much! The phone code option was just skipped so the only thing left now would be to process the Credit Card verification. You can find the CC verification link here
Once you click on the next button your bank card could take up to a few hours to confirm on the verification amount, It will be between 1-5$. Once you confirm with the bank on the verification amount, you will just need to put it into that link. And once it is confirmed you will receive an email with the login details.

Conway: when can the code issue can be fixed?

SiteGround: At the moment we don’t have an ETA as some people are receiving it and others are not. And in terms of the Credit Card verification it is just a matter of confirming this number with your bank. For the phone code issues, they can just reach us via chat and we can further help out.


最终,打开客服提供的验证链接,显示如下图所示页面“Let’s verify your credit card”“we want to make sure you have legitimate access to the bank account associated with the card you use, so we will perform a small test authorisation in USD and ask you to check the exact test amount with your bank ”

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点击 NEXT 按钮之后,SiteGround 会从我们的信用卡中随机扣除“1-5”美金的验证金额,例如“1.3”美金,通常我们会收到短信通知,如果没有短信通知的话需要去信用卡APP中查看。在下一个页面中,我们需要将该金额输入到下图所示文本框中,完成信用卡验证。

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完成信用卡验证之后,就可以正常登录 SiteGround 后台了。

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同时我们的注册邮箱里面也会收到一封标题为“Welcome to SiteGround!”的邮件。到这里就完成了 SiteGround 的账户注册的全部过程,下一步就开始使用 SiteGround 搭建网站吧。

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