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这次Shopify和Instagram合作,推出了Instagram的购物车功能,意味着Instagram用户可以直接在Instagram的App中直接购买你发布的产品。目前Shopify的这一功能还在小范围的测试阶段,相信在不久的将来这一功能将完全开放给所有的Shopify用户。(现在这一功能已经上线,不过目前国内用户无法使用。。。测试阶段收到Instagram邀请链接的国内用户仍然可以正常使用) 更多关于Instagram开店的介绍请移步 – Instagram开店给你的帖子添加购买按钮

图片[2]-Instagram开店功能即将上线 | 歪猫跨境 | WaimaoB2C-歪猫跨境 | WaimaoB2C

最近 Shopify 在国内不太稳定,如果打不开 Shopify 官网, 或者打开速度很慢,无法注册或者登录 Shopify 账户,请使用“魔法”重试,你懂的。

Note: Instagram product tags are visible only to Instagram users in the United States. (目前Instagram的购物车功能只有Instagram的美国用户可以看得到,其他国家的用户在浏览你的Instagram Posts的时候,不会看到购物车按钮)

现在的可以加入测试的用户都是被Instagram邀请的。你可以通过查看你的邮箱查找是否收到一封Shopify在10月2号发送的标题为<You‘re this close to selling on Instagram>的通知邮件;或者直接查看你的Shopify后台,在Sales Channels项下的Facebook Account 页,查看是否有Instagram Account。(如果你没有使用Facebook这一Sales Channel的话,需要首先开通, 并且在Facebook中绑定你的Instagram账号)





  • 首先你需要一个月付至少29美金的Shopify账号,开通Shopify的Online Store功能
  • 你需要在你的Shopify账号中安装并且开通了Facebook Sales Channel,并且将你的Shopify产品同步到了Facebook中
  • 需要Instagram的Business账号
  • 手机上安装的Instagram客户端必须是最新版本的(Google Play上或者App Store上更新)
  • 使用Instagram的时候的IP地址必须是美国的IP地址


  • 使用Instagram销售的产品必须是实物,不能是虚拟商品或者服务
  • 这些产品必须是你的网站上销售的产品,也就是Online Store销售渠道上的产品
  • 这些产品必须是指定类目里面的产品


  1. apparel/accessories
  2. health/beauty products
  3. packaged food/beverages (non-alcoholic)
  4. electronics
  5. home furnishing/appliances
  6. sporting/outdoor goods
  7. toys/collectibles
  8. art/photography
  9. flowers/plants
  10. office supplies
  11. stationary/cards
  12. auto parts/accessories
  13. musical instruments
  14. books




You’ve been selected by Instagram

You have been selected to be considered as one of the next batch of Shopify merchants to use Shopping on Instagram, which will enable you to tag and sell products right from your Instagram posts.


Hi Conway,

Instagram will be reviewing merchants for this feature beginning Monday, October 2 until Monday, October 16. We have already given you access to a new section under the Account tab in your Facebook sales channel in Shopify so you can connect your Instagram Business account to your Facebook business page (this does not mean that you are already approved to tag products on Instagram). Look out for a notification from Instagram on your Instagram Business profile page to notify you if product tagging has been enabled. It will look like this:


If you do not see this notification, please check if you see “Products” under Settings or “Tag Products” when creating a post. You can set up product tagging from those entry points as well.

If you do not receive any of these notifications by October 16, it means that your store did not get selected by Instagram at this time. If this is the case, we will be following up with steps on how to get access to this feature in the near future.

What can you do to prepare?

Your Instagram app must meet the following requirements:

  • Installed the latest version
  • Used from a US Location

We are excited to bring this new and exciting feature to our merchants. We hope you understand we are still rolling this out and testing the feature to ensure that merchants get the best experience possible at scale. Please refer to Shopify’s Help Center for more information.


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